Stress reduction
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You’ve just begun your journey into the unique being that is you.


The recording is only 6 minutes long, so find some time when you wont be disturbed & give your healing the attention it deserves.



So, what did you think? Did you learn something? Are you thinking about your insecurities in a whole new light?


Getting into shape ‘internally’ is no different than getting into shape physically. Just as you have to turn up to the gym & exercise regularly, you also have to turn up to this work regularly. This means taking the time each day to tune into these insecurities (how you feel), accepting them & then looking for the gifts & wisdom of each feeling.


If you struggled with finding the gift of certain emotions here’s a list of the most common ones:

Failure – Both success & failure are illusions. You are perfectly where you are meant to be.

Rejection – There isn’t anyone who hasn’t been rejected by someone at sometime. This gift is universal: When you need another person to validate you, you hand your power over to them.

Anger – The great messenger. Your boundaries are being crossed, you’re being treated with disrespect OR old emotional wounds are being triggered. Losing your temper (i.e. “road rage”) happens when you ignore your anger so it builds up & combines with feeling powerless. Resentment is suppressed anger.

Jealousy – Points out things we want in life, sometimes things that were completely subconscious. Envy is repressed jealousy.

Doubt – Healthy doubt allows us to “think before we jump.” Unhealthy doubt is a form of fear.

Fear – Our internal warning system that we are in danger. Healthy fear can save your life. Unhealthy fear (stress) can kill you.

Anxiety – A form of low-level fear. Your internal warning system telling you something you probably aren’t conscious of, is not right.

Guilt – This is the one emotion I wont get you to process. Go below the guilt-trip and identify what you feel? Usually manipulated, then process the underlying feelings, not the guilt.


Sending you love & light on your healing journey,

Elke Elouise

ps: you can right click on the play bar to save the recording & listen to it as many times as you like.