Stress Reduction Recording - Elouise Taylor
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This 20 minute meditation is for people who have a constant level of anxiety in their lives. Just as you overcome one hurdle, a new one appears bringing all your old worry with it. This step-by-step technique guides you into the underlying cause of your stress & anxiety, so it can be addressed at the foundation. When we heal the essence of our fears we transform energy that once drained us into clarity, wisdom & strength.



** All recordings are MP3’s so you can start listening immediately. After you have paid you’ll see a link that says ‘return to Intuitive Healing’, click that & it’ll take you through to the MP3 link. If you have any problems listening to the recordings after payment please get in touch here.


The most powerful (& affordable!) healing tool you can own. Based on the Intuitive Healing process, this diary is loaded with daily exercises to help you overcome old blocks, heal wounds & insecurities & then get you on track for the enriching & fulfilling life you were meant to be living.

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This recording openly addresses suicide in an honest & compassionate manner. It is for those who fall into such dark, painful places that they see no possible way out. This step-by-step process gently guides you into the root cause of your pain, pain which has often been stewing for years. You will be given concrete tools that show you how to transform your wounds into strength & wisdom. A means to empower yourself, so that if your pain is triggered & you begin to feel overwhelmed, you will know how to have an authentic dialogue with your emotions & begin to truly heal.





The Intuitive Healing Home Study Course course (NOT to be confused with one-on-one sessions on skype) was designed to give people on a budget the same background & theory they would get in private skype sessions, with the added flexibility of working at your own pace.

This Home Study Course is structured into 6 sessions that all begin with a 15 minute video. After each video there will be a series of exercises based on whether you are working at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. You should set aside about 30 minutes for each session.

The sessions build on each other so start with session 1 & work your way through to session 6. You can listen to each video as many times as you need, but I recommend only doing one session at each level, per week. I encourage you to re-do each course, pushing yourself from beginner or intermediate level exercises, (after practicing for a few days) to the advance level exercises. If you get stuck, there’s a helpful FAQ at the end of each session which you are invited to participate in.

Buy a note book specifically for this process & mark the date as you do each exercise. This will become your ’emotional road map’ which you’ll be able to look back on as you heal & transform old insecurities.

Most of all, try to enjoy the process & this journey of discovery into the unique being which is you.

– Elouise
(NOTE: once you pay you’ll see a link in the top left that says return to Intuitive Healing. If you click that you’ll be taken straight to the Home Study Course, so you can begin your healing journey immediately)