The commitment you make to your healing journey will determine how much you get out of “Change from Within” and these support videos.


Most people’s minds are naturally wired to resist changes, so when you feel any sabotaging behaviour kick in you’ll have to dig deep & stay motivated.

I promise if you commit to this process you can turn your life around in extraordinary ways.


Sending you love & light as you journey into the unique being that is you.


– Elke Elouise



In the first session we begin by tuning in to your emotional body. Start asking ‘what do I feel?’ not ‘what do I think?’. Once we have tuned in to our emotions getting into acceptance is the next, & often most challenging, step.




Homework Exercises:

(Remember, I recommend watching 1 video a week & taking the time to do the respective homework exercises over the course of that week.)


1. If you are a beginner, tuning in to your emotions will be a challenge & naming how you feel beyond the most basic level (ie ‘I feel uncomfortable’) will be difficult. Every day take 5 minutes to tune in to how you are feeling. Find time each day when you wont be disturbed, such as when you first wake up, on the commute to work, or just before you fall asleep. Breath down into your belly & ask yourself ‘how do I feel?’. Without any judgement or resistance simply name what you feel including the “positive” & “negative”.


2. If you are at the intermediate level, you will be reasonably connected to your emotional body but will struggle to accept the “negative” emotions. Choose three times throughout your day (morning, noon, night) & ask yourself ‘what do I feel?’. Pay particular attention to the more uncomfortable emotions. Once you’ve named everything you feel, focus on the most unpleasant emotions, then sit in them & just allow yourself to feel them for a few minutes each time.


3. If you are at the advanced level not only are you in tune with your emotional body but accepting negative emotions will also make sense. As situations arise through out our day which bring up unpleasant feelings, consciously pay attention to them saying to yourself “I feel …”, “I give myself permission to feel …”, “I allow myself to feel …”, “I accept that I feel …”. Really push yourself to get into total acceptance of all the unpleasant emotions no matter how uncomfortable they may seem.


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