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In the final session in this series we look at ways to integrate the Intuitive Healing process into every area of your life.



Well done on working through all six sessions. The Intuitive Healing process you have just worked through will open the doors for fundamental changes in the way you approach life. The mind will naturally resist change & all sorts of smart sabotage has no doubt cropped up during your process. Just laugh at the sabotage, thank it for trying to keep you safe & keep practicing the exercises.


Once you start Change from Within, if there is any part you struggle with, go back and listen to the videos that match that bit of the journal, working through the bonus exercises from beginner through to the advanced level. 


Do you realise you have also contributed to global consciousness by working on yourself? Congratulations!

I wish you joy, peace & fullfilment as you continue your journey into consciousness.


– Elke Elouise


The best way to reach me for questions or comments is facebook


Click to see the list of all 6 video sessions