Home Study Course session five - Elke Elouise Taylor
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In this session we discover that your exterior environment is purely a reflection of your interior environment. With this knowledge you can begin to empower yourself by knowing exactly what it is that needs to be healed & working the Intuitive Healing process to heal it.



Homework Exercises:


1. If you are a beginner look at everything in your life as being a mirror, reflecting back at you your internal belief systems. What is being reflected back that you wish wasn’t there? Instead of resisting this, now is the time to accept, make peace & surrender. Work the process on these areas you have, up until now, resisted, knowing that the old way of doing things (resistance, anger, denial, e.t.c.) is not the way forward if you want to create something new.


2. If you are at the intermediate level take out your notes & look at which negative emotions keep coming up more often? What would be the underlying insecurity below these emotions? Are you feeling unlovable, or there’s something wrong with you, etc etc? Dig down below the emotions to find the insecurity & then work the process with the actual insecurity (ie I surrender to feeling unlovable).


3. If you are at the advanced level, surrender to your life being perfect just as it is right now. Perfect in all its imperfection. Catch yourself if your mind tells you that you should be further along, or for your age you should have done more e.t.c., then work the process with how these thoughts / belief systems make you feel.


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