Home Study Course session four - Elke Elouise Taylor
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In this session we begin with a quick recap of the theory we have covered so far & then look at the practice of observing the mind. What stories is your mind telling you? Don’t engage or argue with the mind, just stand back & listen … to the insanity.




Homework Exercises:


For everyone, get yourself into total acceptance of where your life currently is. Start to observe your mind, what ridiculous stories is it telling you?


1. If you are at the beginner level you will still be in resistance of ‘what is’. There will be certain circumstances which you are struggling to work the Intuitive Healing process with. Ask yourself why am I refusing to surrender? What does my mind tell me will happen if I surrender? What am I gaining by holding on to these outdated belief system? Who would I be if I surrendered?


2. If you are at the intermediate level you will be in surrender to some circumstances but struggle with others. Look at everything you are attracting in your life, paying attention to the things you wish weren’t there. How do they make you feel? Work the Intuitive Healing process on these feelings, particularly asking yourself what is the lesson I can learn from this? The most basic lesson will always be, if this happened again I’d behave differently (i.e. this is how we grow & learn). So, how would you behave differently? Can you promise yourself to do it differently & then make peace with the past & move forward?


3. If you are at the advanced level you will easily be able to get into surrender of most areas of your life but there will be one area you have yet to master. For some of you it will be challenges around abundance. Ask yourself, how do you feel about people who make a lot of money? Work the Intuitive Healing process on these feelings or you will continue to have a lack of abundance. For others it might be getting healthy & having a body they are comfortable in. If you had a body you were proud of, how would you feel? Dig deep into any challenges around being seen or getting attention? And if you struggle with attracting love and healthy relationships in your life, pay attention to how love really feels? Work the process with your feelings, knowing that until you are at total peace & surrender your external environment cannot make a big shift..


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