Home Study Course session three - Elke Elouise Taylor
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This week we look at an often misunderstood concept: surrender. Surrender does not mean defeat! Surrender is a very active state, one in which you are totally at peace with the present moment. Surrender is one of the most enlightened states of awareness & from this place truly inspired action arises.



Homework Exercises:


1. If you are a beginner you will struggle to accept your life as it is today. Your homework is to work on the 3 columns you wrote down as instructed in the video. Be brutally honest as you tune in to your feelings about your career, relationships & health. Then work the process with each negative emotion, making a note of how far through the Intuitive Healing process you can get with each different feeling. Every day go back through this list & see if you can get a little bit further working your process.


2. If you are at the intermediate level you will understand the need to be accepting of your life but struggling to surrender & therefore get in alignment with Inspired Action. Ask yourself “if I surrender to this what will happen?”. The mind will usually answer with some sort of fear. Now imagine that fear actually happening & ask yourself “& then what?”. Continue to ask ‘& then what?’, making peace with all that could happen.


3. If you are at the advanced level out of the 3 areas of your life you wrote about in the video exercises you’ll have 2 of them in order. This week you’re going to focus on the parts of your life that are not flowing as well as the rest. Think of this work like exercising a muscle, you are reasonably fit but now we’re going to work those muscles that are weakest. For one whole week you are going to focus on this ‘weak area’ working the Intuitive Healing process right through to total surrender.


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