Home Study Course session two - Elke Elouise Taylor
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In the second session we look for the wisdom & gift of our uncomfortable emotions. Every negative emotion has something positive to teach you, so what are your negative emotions teaching you?



Homework Exercises:


For everyone, continue to write down how you feel & start to circle those “negative” emotions that seem to be there most often.


1. If you are at the beginner level you will struggle to find anything positive from the unpleasant emotions you feel. What does your mind tell you will happen if you were to accept your negative emotions? Usually it’ll tell you that you’ll create more of this in your life, when in fact your very act of resistance is keeping this emotion in your life. Start to work the Intuitive Healing process with your negative emotions, as far as the 5th line ‘I know there is wisdom in feeling …’.


2. If you are at the intermediate level you will agree that uncomfortable emotions do have something to teach us, but up until now have struggled to find the wisdom in your particular emotions. Look at the areas in your life where you have the most discontent. What do you feel? The very act of resisting these emotions is actually keeping them in your life. Work the Intuitive Healing process with the unpleasant emotions you are particularly challenged with up until the 8th line ‘I make peace with feeling …’.


3. If you are at the advanced level you will easily be able to find the positive in your “negative” emotions. Your challenge this week is to work the Intuitive Healing process right through to total surrender with every negative emotion you feel.

Negative Emotion Wisdom / Gift
Failure Both success & failure are illusions. You are perfectly where you are meant to be.
Rejection When you need another person to validate you, you hand your power over to them.
Anger Your boundaries are being crossed OR old emotional wounds are being triggered. Losing your temper (ie ‘road rage’) happens when you ignore your anger so it builds up & combines with feeling powerless. Resentment is suppressed anger.
Jealousy Points out things we want in life, sometimes things that were completely subconscious. Envy is repressed jealousy.
Doubt Healthy doubt allows us to ‘think before we jump’. Unhealthy doubt is a form of fear.
Fear Our internal warning system that we are in danger. Healthy fear can save your life, unhealthy fear (stress) can kill you.
Anxiety A form of low level fear. Your internal warning system telling you something you probably aren’t conscious of is not right.


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